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Isis Perez, Reporter


Play This: Word Scapes

If you like a game to play while your laying in bed before going to sleep, this is the perfect game to try! Wordscapes is a game that, like its title suggests, involves words. It is located on the app store and play store. The objective of the game is simple, form words from the letters that are presented for that level. 


Hear This: “Girl” by Maren Morris

This album is a fresh mix of country and hip hop and, although being released on March 8th of this year, only recently has it become a hit you can expect to hear in the car. This new single has an empowering rhythm that will for sure have you singing along even if you aren’t a girl. 


Eat This: Jalapeno Poppers 

They’re a tasty food to make when you want to try something new. This food is prepared as so: half of a jalapeno chili emptied of seeds with a spoonful (or more) inside with a wrapping of bacon all around. This simple dish is sure to make those taste buds pop! 


Watch This: Ratatouille

Disney movies are always a need for any day your feeling sad, am I right? And Ratatouille is my personal favorite. This movie is an animated romance that takes place in Paris. If your interested in seeing a rat become a chef for a popular restaurant I definitely recommend.