Art part: Joley Smith


Orcutt Academy senior Joley Smith has a gift for making her art pieces come to life. Having only taken two years of art in high school, she excels  in expressing her thoughts throughout her work. 


Joley enjoys spending her free time painting and drawing. She says her creations typically take 3-12 hours total to finish, depending on the complexity of them. Whenever her rigorous schedule allows her some free time, she chooses to spend it focusing on her projects. When asked about her favorite medium, Joley responds, “In general, definitely paint. I’ve always painted with acrylic but I’ve been getting into oil paintings recently. I don’t really like working with graphite or charcoal because it’s hard to keep clean.” 


Joley typically likes to do environmental portraits, illuminating her subject’s daily life and surroundings. She uses her preferred method of first taking pictures of her muse and then recreating him/her into paintings. She explains, “Most of my work doesn’t have a meaning. I just like to paint what looks interesting.” 


Take a look at these captivating art pieces by Joley Smith!

“Street rat” acrylic on cardboard



“In the ring” acrylic on canvas



“Un-aged” oil on canvas board



“Self portrait” colored pencil on paper



“Tree hugger” acrylic on canvas