Spartan Speak: How should parents handle bad report cards?


This semester’s first six-week grading period is coming to a close, and with progress reports coming out, students have a lot to say about how parents should react to their child’s current grades. How exactly should parents handle poor grades? The Oracle asked around campus to see what our fellow Spartans think.

“My dad always told me that as long as I try my best, he won’t be upset. But if I’m not trying, then I get grounded,” says sophomore Abby Plott.

“Beat your kids with positivity,” sophomore Logan Landress says.

“Parents should get them help, like working with a tutor or something,” freshman Caitlyn Crowley offers.

Juniors Brionnah Olson and Gali Barrera agree to disagree. “I think parents should ground them and limit cell phone use,” Barrera says bluntly.


“I think as long as the student is doing their best, parents should just support them,” argues Olson.


“I think parents should still be involved, but they should let the student take responsibility for their own grades. Depending on the situation, parents generally shouldn’t nag or give out harsh consequences,” says Matthew Mideiros, a senior.

Junior scholar Elsa Rowe inputs, “ All they need to know is that their child is trying really hard, and if they need help in a subject, the parents should do their best to make sure they get the help they need. I don’t think parents should get mad right away.”

“I don’t think they should push kids, per say, but they should be supportive and encouraging,” shares senior Julia White, head of Orcutt Academy High School’s peer tutoring program, “Because personally, if my parents constantly pushed me, it would actually keep me from improving; just encourage them.”

“I think parents should instill goals with their child to succeed. Find out if it’s lack of effort causing the bad grades, or if the student simply doesn’t understand,” says sophomore Mittie Fisher.

Camille Williams, a senior, says, “They should try to get their children to understand that school is really, really, REALLY important, and the grades you get can seriously affect your future.”


There are plenty of opportunities available to help students who are struggling this semester. Orcutt Academy High School offers peer tutoring at lunch and after school. In addition to this, Specialized Instruction (SPIN) on Thursdays is the perfect time to get extra help for a certain class. Keep shooting for the stars, Spartans!