Co-captain of OAHS tennis team: on her way to success


Jim McManus

She is admired by her peers and teammates for her academic success, encouraging attitude, and athletic abilities. Kayla Pablo, Orcutt Academy’s tennis team co-captain, is an asset to their success. 


This is Kayla’s fourth year at Orcutt Academy. She has spent four busy years successfully balancing her school work with athletics. Despite her schedule, Kayla’s devotion to the team is clear. She had spent most of her summer practicing for the season, including taking private lessons with a personal coach. “I’ve started taking lessons for about 6 months…it was harder than playing in league for high school, but I definitely learned a lot.” 


Kayla’s tennis team all consider themselves to be united as a group. However, Kayla is sometimes seen as being the main inspiration of the team’s hopes, goals, and enthusiasm. “She’s very hard working and commutative with her team. She’s a great encourager and she always tries to help you out,” says one of her teammates, Genevieve Greco. As co-captain and most experienced on the team, it is her responsibility to inform, unite, and support her teammates.  


Kayla Pablo, AKA “The Wall,” is well-known for her athletic success throughout the league and by other coaches, whom have given her the nickname, “If you practice tennis behind a wall, the ball always comes back,” explains OAHS’s tennis coach, Coach “Art” Lopez. She had won second place at CIF her sophomore year and reached CIF as a team for three years in a row. Despite her love for the game, she does not think that she will continue to play the sport after high school. 


Though she does not plan on pursuing tennis as a profession, Kayla will always love the game. She had set an example for her team, created stability between school and sport, and showing the importance of hard work.