Orcutt Academy’s girls golf team shows promising signs early in the season


Golf coach Jim McManus says he has a “young and exciting team” when interviewed about girls golf this season. Growth from last year leaves him and his team excited about the rest of the season  with more experience under their belt. 

With fall sports well into their season, girls golf has shown a lot of promise and potential to make a run for this year’s league title. With an astounding 9 underclassmen on the team of 11, Orcutt Academy is a team to watch out for in upcoming years. McManus comments on how much the team as a whole has improved from last year, with the few losses being by small margins. 

Standout senior Karli Lundberg, says she wants to follow up her record breaking year last season with an even better year, now that she has more experience. She claimed the league title last year and won league MVP along with breaking many of her own course records. With hopes of playing in college, Lundberg is hungry for more this season and Coach McManus is confident that she’ll take the league title again. Karli shows her excitement when mentioning their first win on September 9th against Morro Bay, saying the win was “really uplifting for the girls to know that we have it in us to get a win.”

With Karli outshining the rest of the league, Orcutt Academy  has many outstanding stars and future stars. These stars include junior Arianna Contreras, sophomore Melissa Burns, and sophomore Debbie Sawyer. Without these players Orcutt Academy would not nearly be as much of a threat as they are now. With just 8 matches to prepare for league finals, McManus and the team are confident they can give rivals like Nipomo and St. Joes a run for their money this season. 


The lady spartans are preparing for their next match against Pioneer Valley on September 16th. On behalf of everyone at the Spartan Oracle, we wish the team the best of luck for the rest of the season!