Orcutt Academy senior shares his interning experience


Everyone should aspire to do their best and follow their passions, and that is what this student is doing. Luke Clark,  Orcutt Academy senior, is making his passion for art a daily part of his life. 


Clark has always excelled  in art. In seventh grade, he was inspired to try art for the first time. Since junior high, Clark has been experimenting and exploring the world of art. Today he works mainly with  graphic design and painting with acrylics.  


 Being a young artist, Luke invested his time into widening his spectrum of art and explains, “I stumbled across graphic design and started looking into it more and decided to get some software for it.”  After putting it to the test and grasping the understanding of graphic art, he recognized that this could become more than just a hobby. His interest in pursuing graphic design as a career was sparked freshman year in his Professional Development class. 


Coming up with a plan to get to your dream and sticking to it is crucial and essential.   Clark decided that finding a graphic design internship aligned with his goals and was where he wanted to start. “I’ve been an intern for over two weeks now…I go to her business and she walks me through what she wants me to do and then I design the logos,” Clark unfolds. Overall, the experience is one to last a lifetime and help in his future of graphic design. 


Clark wants to motivate others through his art and inspire them to keep pursuing their creative side.  Throughout his art he displays unforgettable memories, uniqueness, and community. Luke’s words of advice to other artists or students is, “ To practice it over and over again, and even though it may be frustrating, it will be worth it in the end.”  


Luke Clark is well on his way to reaching his goals and continues to inspire others on his way.