After defeat, Orcutt Academy football team finds new hope


After Orcutt Academy’s defeat against Amino Jackie Robinson High School, the team begins to find ways to rebuild by moving around positions. All League senior, Bryce Cofield began this football season as a running back and full back. After showing great potential, new coach Gabe Espinoza decided to give him a chance with a new leadership position as quarterback. 


With every team, there is another player in line for the spot. All League, 3 year veteran Alex Sutton is taking over the 8-man football league. Starting running back, full back, tight end, and occasionally even linebacker as a freshman, the teams desperate need for a change is forcing Alex to become their war horse. Sutton starts on offense, defense, and special teams, leading the team to bigger and better things. He hopes the team can improve throughout the season and  wants to give as much advice as possible to new players. Individually, Alex hopes to take football as far as possible and improve his athletic ability for his personal health. 


When both players were asked what they want, they both  responded, “Win, I want to win”. This is the reason these two players give hope to the team in future games and why they are the captains of the team.