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Spartans Speak: comfort foods

Alyssa Samaniego

Spartans Speak: comfort foods

August 30, 2019

Food is a part of life that all people become connected to in one way or another. Like a McDonald’s happy meal may excite in children, food often stirs up emotions within us all. This week at OA, the Spartan Oracle investigated fellow students and their favorite comfort foods. 

Ashton Nims: Personally, the food that I find most comforting is tomato soup, especially when it’s raining outside. I would prepare this meal with lavender tea.

Victoria Mora: My comfort food is ice cream, it’s great for when I’m in my feels.

Gavin Naylor: I like to eat ice cream sandwiches or orange chicken when I feel stressed out.

Isis Perez: Enchiladas are my favorite food to eat whenever I’m feeling down or need a mood booster.

KalaMarie Pablo: When I am feeling down, I love to eat popsicles to cool me down. 

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  1. belladecker on September 16th, 2019 1:30 PM

    I love this idea, it really helps us get to the Oracle staff. I personally love popcorn when I’m stressed out. I relate to salty comfort food like tomato soup.

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