The new man on campus


I’m sure many students have noticed the absence of our dear Mr. Culbara on campus, as he left after spring break to take his paternity leave. Don’t fret though, he didn’t abandon us, but instead introduced Orcutt Academy’s newest staff member, Mr. Sage. Mr. Sage has taken over Culbara’s Literacy through Film class along with the English 11 and AP English classes. However, many may not know that Sage will be taking over for Mr. Pederson next year, teaching 11th grade concurrent history, after Pederson retires. I sat down with Sage to learn about his plans for the upcoming years.


Sage studied literacy and history at Chico State University and continued his education at Cal Poly San Luis where he received his teaching credentials and will complete his masters program this semester. Sage’s goal has always been to teach secondary school, though he has been long term subbing for middle and elementary school until now. Sage expresses his excitement for this new opportunity, saying, “These high school jobs don’t open very often, and they are very sought after, so the fact that I got one – I’m elated about it – especially teaching juniors that want to take a continuation course. That’s fantastic.”


Before this position, Sage was working at Oceano Elementary school and wasn’t able to give his students much freedom or engage in deeper conversation. “It’s totally different, the level of independence that a lot of students here have; it’s great in a way because it gives me time to think of the next lesson or step.” Sage explains that adapting to older students has been one of the biggest, but most exciting, learning curves of the job.


For the rest of this year, Sage is excited to implement more open ended assignments to the English classes. Having now completed the AP test, he hopes to teach what we are excited about. “I would like to have some fun with these things,” Sage shares.


Sage hopes to bring a new point of view to the history courses next year, which he refers to as “approaching things thematically.” This is the idea of focusing on certain themes in history and events that happened relating to those themes, as opposed to the traditional chronological lesson plan.


Mr. Sage enjoys the vibe here at Orcutt Academy and states, “It’s a very neighborly sort of environment, I feel really good about how the students support each other here. I think there is a really good atmosphere.”


Orcutt is excited to have Mr. Sage as a new edition to the Spartan family, and we are excited to see what the upcoming school year brings.