Domeneque’s high school reflections

As Domeneque Ramirez, senior in the graduating class of 2019, reflects on how she’s grown from high school, she remembers positive things like her friends and family, but also the tough parts of being a teenager like drama and family problems, that after overcoming, made her a stronger individual.


“My junior year, there was an outburst of life events happening,” Ramirez shares. She explains that it made school harder and her overall life harder. She states, “I think that really showed me how to become a better person, and that kindness is everything.”


Youth group is a great outlet for kids who want to focus on the spiritual aspect of their lives and/or kids who are going through a hard time that need to know that they really are not alone.  Ramirez shares that youth group served as a really good outlet for her throughout high school by providing an environment for her to talk to people she trusts.


These positive outlets also helped her with getting her schoolwork done, which for Ramirez, was a struggle. She explains that she had to juggle school work with taking care of her siblings, working, and other extracurriculars, such as being on the varsity basketball team.


She ended her reflection by saying that without her high school experience, she would not have been able to become the confident individual she has become in the last four years, nor would she have been able to obtain so many positive relationships with her peers. She decided to add that the most important thing she learned is, “kindness is everything,” and that words are very powerful.

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