Bob Walling is awesome!

Sonia Wasserman, Reporter

Take a look around the campus; hallways and classrooms are cleaner, and school events seem to be set up well. Orcutt Academy High School has a new head custodian, and he is always on the job. His name is Bob Walling.


Bob does a lot of work, from keeping Orcutt Academy’s facilities clean, to delivering things to teachers in a timely manner, to setting the gym up for pep rallies, band, and choir performances.

Mr. Shaw states how he believes Walling is a huge improvement to the facility. He recalls how much slower things got done before Bob came along; Walling immediately helped out Mr. Shaw by cleaning out the hallway by his room. He later fixed things that had been broken for months and cleaned stuff out for the drama program. Shaw notes, “He seems to get things done quickly.”


ASB students have expressed their own noticing of the improvements to the school. These students are spending a lot of time working in the hallways and have noticed a cleaner environment around the facilities. “I have noticed less trash around the hallway,” ASB member Ireland Donovan recounts.


Walling also gets the gym ready for pep rallies and performances for choir and band. He then stays after the performances and rallies to put chairs and other things away. He’s also always around after school to clean the classrooms, which is helpful for students who forget things in their teachers rooms. Being a musician himself, Walling has helped members of both drama and band get their sounds right, which shows what kind of stellar work ethic Walling has.

Bob Walling does a lot around Orcutt Academy High School, and he’s doing a great job!