“This is my last year here.”


Sonia Wasserman, Reporter

After an interview with Mr. Ben Alberry, Orcutt Academy High School’s (OAHS) ex-football coach, I received insight and reflections on Alberry’s coaching journey with OAHS as well as plans for what is to come as he moves this journey to Pioneer Valley High School.


Alberry explains how for him, moving his coaching and teaching career to Pioneer Valley High School, was a good career move for himself. “For me, the goal was to be a at a big high school, and I also wanted to coach eleven man football. I loved my time coaching here with 8 man, but I had an opportunity where they’re (PV) bringing me on to groom me to eventually be the next head coach.”


He talks about the big things ahead of him, such as proper facilities, higher wages and the amazing special education program. “I think the big thing is facilities,” Alberry states. He explains that  not having a proper football field really takes away from the high school football experience. The team spent most of its fundraising money on transportation to games and making up for the lack of proper facilities the team had. He explains how home games never really felt like home games because the team was still traveling to other schools to play. Alberry shares, “At Pioneer Valley, they have facilities, and Boosters pays for pretty much everything, so you get to focus on football and building the football program.”


While Alberry is not going to miss the lack of facilities at OAHS, he did say he will miss the feeling that the school is one big family here; that he won’t get at Pioneer Valley. “Pioneer Valley next year is going to have three thousand students,” which makes it impossible to actually get to know every student at the school, which is important to Alberry.


Even though Alberry is taking his ten years of coaching experience (from Special Olympics to running practices for other teams and his three years at OAHS elsewhere, he wishes the best to our sports programs. “I love Orcutt Academy – teaching here coaching here; I’m leaving here because it’s a better opportunity for me financially and for my career, but I will always be rooting for the Spartans.”