Lauren Tittes

Matt LaRocco in his 2nd period Journalism class.

Senior Spotlight: Matt La Rocco

High school is quickly coming to an end, and although most seniors are very excited about that, the nostalgia of our four years is making us realize we might miss it. Senior Matt LaRocco and I decided to remember those good times in this senior feature.


“The first year I didn’t want to be here and it showed.” La Rocco said he hated the first semester of Orcutt Academy. “If I didn’t play baseball I don’t even think I would’ve cared about my classes.”


That seems to be something many seniors have in common. La Rocco got into Orcutt Academy on the lottery, as well as many of his other peers and teammates, which he reluctantly agreed to against his past wishes of attending Righetti High School. Although he states that he especially hated his first year, new friendships and being able to play on the baseball team eventually brought him around. He remembers how excited he was about baseball, and no, it wasn’t Righetti, but he was able to experience the same team bonding and develop many skills that continued throughout his high school career.


By junior year, La Rocco had come to appreciate this school and found meaning in the fact that he was a student here. “I had made so many of my greatest friends, and now looking back, I couldn’t imagine my life going any other way.” He stated that although he learned many things in classes, it was the life lessons that he will treasure and remember most. The people he met shaped him into who he is today, and he is appreciative for every single one of them.


“Senior year was the best year of my life,” La Rocco stated, “I met my girlfriend this year and grew up so much.” He said that looking back to even last year, he is completely different, and thankful for it. Baseball was a huge part of his life this year, as well as getting a job at Chick-fil-A. “I will always love my team and every person on it, they helped me through the bad days and will always have a place in my heart. Getting a job too, that was a pretty big step into my journey of growing up.”


La Rocco is excited for what the future will hold for him, and will always take his experiences from Orcutt Academy to help aid him in the wonderful places he will go. Good luck Matt!

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