Celine Busnelli stands by between fellow swim members Hayley Parker ( left ) and Anaissa Bravo-Guzman

Success and Busnelli go together like peanut butter and jelly

So much can happen in four years, especially during the times of change that happen during high school.  Celine Busnelli is graduating this year, but in her time at OA she’s been through quite a journey.


Busnelli is graduating in OA’s class of 2019 and is headed off to UC Davis after high school. To get accepted to a school as well renowned as UC Davis, Busnelli had to put in a lot of hard work. Celine holds the title of Class of 2019 president and has had large involvement in other groups at school. She was a four-year CSF member, an Every 15 Minutes participant, and a member and former captain of the varsity swim team.  She has also participated in National Honors Society and Freshmen Connect Crew.

Busnelli has learned and grown through her experiences at Orcutt Academy. She learned a lot specifically from her experience planning the class of 2019’s prom,  which was received with major controversy among staff parents and students alike. Through it all it was very stressful on Celine, she recalls students making fun of her in other instances saying things like “If she couldn’t figure out prom, why should she be able to this.” The prom was very draining on both Busnelli and Mrs. Williams, who shared a touching moment the night of prom where they hugged in tears after just having the whole gorgeous prom come together after the many and many questions and attacks the two received over a misunderstood theme.


Among other scholarly things during Busnelli high school career, she grew a lot from the social aspect of high school. Spending four years surrounded by others who have not quite matured yet can make a person grow a lot, and Busnelli can account for that: “I’ve had a bad relationship in the past that not only wasn’t healthy for me, but it started changing others opinions of me, I had friends,peers and even teachers noticeably question me and why who I was with.” Busnelli said it was a learning experience having a large group of the school have an opinion of her that she knew she couldn’t change. “They would think what they think and I had to learn to live with that, even if what they thought was wrong.”


Celine Busnelli is the class of 2019 president, a trilingual student, and someone who will be dearly missed by staff and undeclasman alike. Her impact on this school through being great and lovable role model will be missed. Good luck going on to bigger and better things Celine!

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