Advice to freshman self: seniors tell what they learned in high school


As the 2018-2019 school year comes to a close, it is almost time to say goodbye to our amazing seniors as they embark on their next journey. Looking back on the past four years, I asked these fellow seniors what they would advise to their freshmen selves. Here are their responses.



Celine Busnelli

senior, Celine Bussnelli

“As sad as this sounds, you have to watch out for fake friends. Spend time with people who actually care for you because the amount of ingenuine people out there, is insane. I had friends who turned on me and I feel like spending your time with people who genuinely love you is really important.”




Layni Booth

senior, Layni Booth

“Always be open to new things and remember to always appreciate every stage of your life, because these next four years are going to go by super fast.”







Sarah Castellanos

senior, Sarah Castellanos

“It’s okay to go ask for help, especially when you personally need it and are going through your own personal battles in your own head. Personally, it’s okay to reach out. If you can’t help yourself, at least try to be there for other people who are going through a similar situation.”





Cielo Ruvalcaba

senior, Cielo Ruvalcaba

“I would probably say to not care so much about what other people think. In reality, you should only care about yourself and surround yourself with good people. Don’t let people push you around.”





Julia Herrera

senior, Julia Herrera

“You have to learn to be more confident and get involved right away. Try to meet new people and just put yourself out there, because high  school is going to go by really fast. It’s important to have those opportunities.”




Andrew Genge

seniors, Andrew Genge and Devin Vauclin

“Above all else, this is number one: don’t care about what anyone thinks. I’m not saying don’t have sympathy for people, have sympathy, but at the end of the day, don’t give a single care in the world from anybody, even from your friends.”

Devin Vauclin bounced off of his friend, Andrew Genge’s statement: “I didn’t start thinking that way until my junior year. Honestly, just stop caring. It doesn’t matter, high school is literally only 4 years of your life. It’s like what? 2% of your life? So yeah, it doesn’t matter.”


Robbie Jimenez

senior, Robbie Jimenez

“Honestly, become bros with your teachers. They will assist you, they’re here to help you. Also, wear Crocs to school; those are dope, that’s how you make friends. If all the freshmen roll up in Crocs and cool socks, they’re set for life.”




Trenton Kozel

senior, Trenton Kozel

“Just be comfortable with who you really are sooner. I mean, I eventually got there but I just wish as a freshmen, I realize it’s okay to be who true to yourself.”





Naomi Vuong

“Focus on always improving yourself in all aspects: mentally, emotionally, academically. Always strive to be the best you can be, not only for you, but for your future out of high school.”