Incoming future freshmen


Teacher Ms Montgomery helping her student marcos Gonzalez with questions

Leticia Ruvalcaba, Reporter

This year Orcutt Academy is expecting a lot of new incoming freshmen and it is an exciting time. For freshmen, adapting to the new environment and learning to adjust to the change can be a difficult and stressful time, but the staff and students at Orcutt Academy want for students to feel comfortable and ready for their next 4 years at the school. Students at Orcutt Academy are put at a high standard, and the staff only wants the best for them. Teachers are one of the main reasons for the success of the students and they care about their success.


Teachers want the best for their students and are always available to help students. There are opportunities for one on one help and tutoring after school which can be very beneficial for incoming students. There is even peer tutoring at lunch and after school if students want help with another student individually.


With help from other students and staff at Orcutt Academy, the incoming freshmen class should transition with ease this coming year. At Orcutt Academy, both staff and students strive for success which is ultimately the goal that staff members hope students can achieve at their time here.