Cheer is starting up again, already?


Megan Moore

the cheer team with new members practice for the first football game in August

Marcos Gonzalez, Reporter

Orcutt Academy has many extracurriculars and sports, all of which are an important part of our school’s identity. One of these extremely hard working sports is cheerleading.


Most high school sports play in small seasons. Cheerleading on the other hand goes through all three seasons, which means practicing year round with only a month break from the middle of April to the middle of May.  Tryouts for the new team have already happened, and practices for the first football game all the way in August have started.


Last year the team ended their competition season with three full stunting pods and not enough extras to make a new one. This season the teams ending number of 15 functional cheerleaders has been bumped up to 24 new and returning members. Now with the 24 guys and girls on the team, 6 whole stunt pods are starting to prepare and practice for the next year’s football season. There are 7 new freshman on the team and the number of males on the team has jumped back up to a record three.  Sam Horst, who tried out with veteran male cheerleaders Marcos Gonzalez and Ray Lara, is excited to go out and there and be a great help to the cheer team. Horst is following in the footsteps of his older brother Jordan Horst who cheered alongside Lara in his sophomore year two years ago.


According to veteran cheer captain Riley Speer, this upcoming season is going to be “fast paced with higher skills, because we have so many returning members and many great new additions to the team.” Fellow cheerleader Coral Garcia is entering her second year as captain along with Riley. Two new captains stepping up to lead the team alongside the two vets are incoming Junior Sofia Solache and incoming Senior Ray Lara. All four captains show great skills of tumbling, dancing, and stunting, and all bring some special style of leadership to help the team grow and thrive this year!


This year’s cheer team has high hopes for improving and growing from their already amazing success last year.