The importance of not using cellphones during social interactions


As my last article for the Spartan Oracle, I decided to write one last article about something I am passionate about: the use of cellphones and how it affects our day-to-day lives. Cell phones can be a great way to connect with people far away or even people you just don’t see on a regular basis, but they can also disconnect us from the moment and people around us.

Cell phones and social media have transformed the way we interact with one another; we’ve become addicted to the screens in our hands. Phones often dominate social interactions, many of us so interested by what’s on our phones that we don’t pay a whole lot of attention to the people in front of us.

The feeling is all too familiar of telling something to someone, only to be cut off by them picking up their phone. In this situation, it feels as if the person seems to have stopped caring about what the other is saying and ruins the conversation.

Yet phones can still serve a purpose, They can capture a moment through our cameras. They allow us to communicate much easier. They are tools to our daily lives.

Phones aren’t all horrible. You just have to find the balance in utilizing it and abusing it. Avoid looking at your phone when people are talking to you, and if it’s something urgent, simply tell them you have to answer it quickly then return to the conversation. It’s simple but it shows you care about what they’re saying!

Well my time at the Spartan Oracle is up! Spend time with people you care about, tell the people you love that you love them, and live in the moment!