Mackenzie Webb :

Senior Spotlight: Mackenzie Webb

Running through the finish line of high school

If you have had the privilege of knowing Mackenzie Webb during her past four years at Orcutt Academy, you would’ve already known that she’s an amazing runner and probably the most positive person you’ve ever met. As her time at Orcutt Academy comes to an end, she takes some time to reflect on the past four years.

What defines Mackenzie Webb? She reports that the one thing that has the most impact on her in high school was being involved in her two sports: cross country and track. From participating in these sports, she reports she has been through so many different learning experiences, the most important lesson being determination. Through sports she has learned to not give up when things get tough and how to deal with hard challenges that come her way. Webb states that:

“anything you put your mind to, you can do if you put in the hard work.”

The spirit and determination is evident in Mackenzie’s personality as she has to deal with extreme migraines after almost every sporting event and still managed to be an exceptional athlete throughout the course of high school.

Personally, getting to have Mackenzie as my best friend throughout high school, I have seen her transform from a shy, timid freshman into a friendly and extremely outgoing individual. She is definitely a people person and her high school highlights revolve around times she had the opportunity to bond with others.

One of the best parts of her time here was having the chance to become apart of the Freshmen Connect Crew team. She shares that the overnight bonding experience was probably her favorite part due to all the memories she made with new friends and the inside jokes they created.

Her all time favorite memory was the trip she took with her cross country team to Oregon for 4 days. Mackenzie describes it as an incredible experience where she really got to know her teammates and see the beauty of Oregon and Northern California.

Of all the aspects of Orcutt Academy, Mackenzie describes her favorite part being how tight knit everyone was and how she was close to many of her teachers, and how much friends that were to hers as much as her instructors.  

After she graduates, Mackenzie is attending CSU Monterey Bay to major in communications and hopes to work in health and wellness with big companies in the future.

Good luck Mackenzie, we’ll miss you!

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