Let’s all cheer for OA’s cheer team and their historic success


OA's chear team won Grand Champion for the first time in the school's history this year.

We caught up with Riley Speers and Marcos Gonzalez to hear how their cheer seasons went and hear what the plan for the Orcutt Academy Cheer Team is for next year.

This year the OA’s cheer team won Grand Champion at their Jamz competition. Riley and Marcos both described the experience as amazing, saying that they didn’t expect to win and even began to go backstage when they heard their team name announced. She describes the experience as absolute excitement. According to Speers, this year was the first time Orcutt Academy has ever won grand Champion at the Jamz competition, and both Marcos and Riley reflect on it as a major achievement.

Riley, who has been on OA’s cheer team for two years, says that the attitude and dedication of all the people on the team was the difference that pushed them towards achieving such a high award. She says that while there were more experienced people on the team last year, everyone this year really pushed themselves to be great.

Marcos says that there were a lot of new freshmen and inexperienced people that joined the team, and this led to a shaky start to the season. Marcos says that the low point of his season was at Orcutt Academy’s homecoming football game – where he says that they attempted to do their competition routines months before their first competition. With all the inexperienced team members, the team wasn’t quite ready to perform like they hoped.

However, Marcos says that everything went up from there as the team continued to practice and gain experience. This unique drive of the team led them all to do much better come competition time.

Looking forward, the cheer team starts practices May 20th. The two cheerleaders state that the practices will consist mostly of team-building exercises,  and that they are both excited to go to cheer camp this summer.

Riley says that next year looks very promising as almost their entire team is coming back. Both Riley and Marcos are excited that the people that made the squad’s unique energy will be returning but this time with some experience too.

As the new year begins for cheer, they look towards achieving even greater heights than last year and having fun doing it.