Dylan McIntire signs with PLU football


Dylan McIntire signing for Pacific Lutheran football

On May 7th, 2019, Dylan McIntire signed his letter of intent to play football with Pacific Lutheran University.

During lunch this last week, friends, family, teachers, and coaches of McIntire had the opportunity to watch him sign his letter of intent to play football with Pacific Lutheran University (PLU) in Tacoma, Washington. McIntire was able to receive an athletic scholarship for the school, becoming Orcutt Academy’s first athlete signing to a four-year university directly after high school.

During the ceremony, coach and faculty member of Orcutt Academy, Mr. Alberry, spoke highly of McIntire. Alberry cited McIntire’s hard work in school as well as on the football team, stating that he was “ excited that [his player] gets to continue playing football” and that this is because he knows that “[PLU] is getting somebody that’s a super hard worker, a great athlete, and a great student.”

Alberry exclaimed how excited he was to follow McIntire’s journey throughout college football and beyond.

During the signing, McIntire thanked his family and friends for supporting him. Reflecting on his involvement with Orcutt Academy football since freshman year, McIntire said, “I don’t think anyone expected me to be able to get here [and sign] with a team to go play football.”

In the words of Coach Alberry, “this school is going to be getting not only a new football player, but also going to be getting a new fan.”

Congratulations to Dylan, as well as all of the other seniors continuing on to do great things. Go Spartans!