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Your high school experience is what you make it, and that all starts with freshman year

Anyone coming into high school should immediately disregard the false idea that high school is what will make or break you. High school will not be what defines you, but it is an important stage of life, and is very much what you make of it. Thus, coming into high school, it is vital one makes the right choices in matters such as classes, mindset, and even friends, as these are the things that could set your next four years up for success, or failure.


Coming into high school, you aren’t expected to have everything figured out. It’s okay if you don’t immediately know what you want to do as a career, or what you want to major in, or even whether you want to go to a 4-year university or community college after graduating. That being said, whether you know what you want to make of your future or not, it’s in your best interest to take the right classes at the right time and do well in them to give yourself options for your future.


When thinking about classes, remember that the CollegeNow! Program is your friend. If you know there is a class that you absolutely don’t want to take at Orcutt Academy (OA), then CollegeNow! is the way to go, as it provides students with a wider variety of courses and teachers than just those at OA.


CollegeNow! also allows students to complete classes in a matter of weeks, rather than having to be enrolled in them for an entire school year. This opens more periods in your schedule for classes that you actually want to take on OA’s campus.


It’s also vital to instill within yourself a good mindset toward your classes and what you want to accomplish. During your freshman year, college seems so far away, but colleges will be looking at how you performed throughout high school from your freshman year all the way to you senior year. Get into the mindset of studying and putting in the work for your classes starting freshman year, so that by the time you reach your senior year of high school, you also have three strong previous years under your belt to show off to colleges.


As important as it is to have a good mindset toward your classes, it is just as crucial to have a positive mindset toward your school. As I’ve stated, high school is what YOU make of it. Coming into OA, there are going to be things that you don’t like; high school isn’t perfect, and OA is no exception. So, coming into OA, even if OA wasn’t your first choice, even if you don’t know anybody, even if you think everyone and everything about high school is lame, having a positive mindset toward the experience you will have at OA turns any one of those bad things into something hopeful and good.


As much as you can influence your high school experience, the people around you can influence it as well making it of the utmost importance that you surround yourself with the right people. OA offers a large social pool in which it can feel difficult to make new friends, especially if you are coming from a smaller middle school and don’t know many people coming into OA. Coming from a smaller middle school myself, I found myself wandering between various groups during the beginning of freshman year, however, the brief period spent searching was worth it to find the people I really clicked with.


Rather than trying to force relationships that don’t work, focus on the people who show genuine interest in you and make you happy. If you find your flock freshman year, then you have a close group of friends you can stick with for the next four years. From my own personal experience, I have found it much more rewarding to share my high school years with a small and close group of friends who truly understand me, opposed to a larger group in which I don’t feel as individually connected with everyone.


You only have the chance to do high school once. Begin making the right choices regarding classes, mindset, and friends during your first year at OA, because your high school experience is only as good as you make it, and that all starts with freshman year.

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