Instructor Ben Alberry poses with a student in the Study Skills classroom

Solving individual learning barriers with Study Skills

Perhaps one of the most exciting transitions in adolescent life is entering high school after years in middle and elementary education. More emphasis is placed on complex thought and understanding of deeper concepts, which can be difficult for some to catch up to right away. For those who may struggle in a certain area of high school education at Orcutt Academy, help is available with the Study Skills class.

The spectrum of understanding in Study Skills is diverse as students of all learning types can go to find tutoring and academic aid. If a student enrolls already having an IEP (Independent learning plan) then they will be placed in Study Skills automatically. While some of these students have various diagnosed disabilities, the class is open to anyone as an opportunity for extra help and growth.

No matter which classes you take, freshman year always proves more challenging than previous school experiences. If a student begins with a typical education plan at OA, but then finds one or more classes to be too challenging, they may work with administration to be placed in a Study Skills period. Patterns in low test scores and qualifications with grades may also determine if a person takes the class.

Instructor Ben Allberry says that each student utilizes the session in different ways. Some use it as a study hall and others for tutoring, but everyone is there so that they may see more success within individual classes. Homework, tests, and projects are all covered within this time.

Alberry said, “I’m the case manager of sorts. We’re really just here to map out accommodations for each person, build connections, and help students better understand the concepts they struggle with.”

Depending on which end of the spectrum a person is within their learning, the Study Skills class will develop a personalized plan so they can be on track to graduate. In and out of the classroom, Study Skills guides students to overcome the learning challenges they face and reach their full academic potential.

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