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Hope Davidson being very mindful in her class

Being mindful about your health

Some schools and classes at all grade levels have adopted the habit of spending a few minutes each day or week to be mindful, which is a time where students are silent and focus on what needs to be done throughout their day. Some classes at Orcutt Academy have even adopted this technique; including the ASB class this year, as well as Mr. Shaw’s psychology class last year.

Some benefits of adopting  a mindfulness method are the opportunities it gives to  students to concentrate, plan, and rid themselves of stress at the beginning of the day. Julia Hererra, ASB president, has been leading the ASB class in “Mindful Monday.” Hererra said that she and Ms. Stephenson started to do this in order to “allow the students to take a few minutes to relax after a long day.” The class spends around 10 minutes every Monday to do some sort of calming activity.

“I hope by taking a small break and reminding everyone that they can get through the week will motivate the class to stay positive”

An article from Forbes Magazine entitled “6 Scientifically Proven Benefits of Mindfulness and Meditation,” written by Jeena Cho, proves this claim.  The article states that by spending a few minutes to focus and be mindful can reduce anxiety and improve health in general. Being mindful can help reduce distractions, too, and can be very helpful to both high school students and their teachers; who are very busy and have much stress placed on them throughout the day. Cho also states that meditation and being mindful can decrease depression, and give people a more positive self-image. According to Cho, this tactic can also help people be less biased towards others; saying that mindfulness causes “a decrease in implicit race and age bias.” This report can lead to more acceptance within schools if implemented.

Orcutt Academy should start this practice of being mindful throughout the day in order to improve students’ academic performances, provide a time free of distractions and biases, and to improve the health and focus of all students and teachers.

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