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Apart from teaching Freshman English Honors, Drama, and Early Childhood Development at Orcutt Academy, Mr. Shaw is a singer at his church, and a father of four along with several other responsibilities he has taken on.

How to manage time according to a master-task juggler

Mr. Shaw is a teacher of drama, journalism, English, and child development. He is likewise an instructor at Allan Hancock College, a member of his church’s  worship team, and a father of four. These are just a few of the many responsibilities that Orcutt Academy High school teacher Michael Shaw has taken on. Shaw has spent the better part of the last decade wrestling with time management in his busy schedule, and he managed to make some time to share some of his strategies to be a good time manager and how to achieve a good work-life balance.

Shaw says that one of the things he tries hard to do is to keep his work at school. He usually stays till five or 5:30 at school to get work done after school, then he comes home to eat dinner and spend time with his four kids and his wife Farah. He says that he tries to get his kids in bed by 8 so that he can relax for a while and spend time with his wife.

Shaw says that he finds it crucial to take some ¨psychological time¨ each day to gather himself and get away from the busyness  of the day. Since he spends his entire day interacting with other people, he tries to take a few minutes at the end of every day to be alone and either draw or watch a TV show. He says he uses this time to slow down his brain after his usual full schedule.

Shaw says that his strategy to getting everything done has two parts. First, he tries to make a to-do list of everything he needs to get done in the day and checks things off as he completes the tasks. This keeps him organized but also has another benefit. Shaw says that he finds satisfaction in checking things off the list and being able to track his progress throughout the day. He says he lists even obvious and menial tasks for the sole purpose of being able to check it off the list.

The other strategy Shaw employs is one that he admits is a struggle for him. Shaw says that he is someone that wants to be a help towards others but he has realized in his experience that he needs to get his things done first in order to be able to help others. He calls this ¨staying in his lane.¨ Shaw asserts that getting his tasks done is necessary because he otherwise stretches himself too thin and ends up not being able to help others as much as he would like either.

When talking with Shaw, he also emphasized the need to stick to a routine. He reports that it is important to recognize tasks that you like to do and use those as an incentive to get the tasks done that you might not want to do. This is necessary to keep people motivated. Shaw says that people should also seek out tasks that they love to do because this is what keeps people motivated to push through the menial tasks in order to complete the larger goals people want to achieve.

While Shaw admits that he does not always achieve the best balance between family and work, he underscores the importance of setting time aside to be free of the responsibilities of everyday life and have fun with friends and unwind with family. He says that one of the things that is most important about time management is making sure that you give yourself times to break the rules you have set for yourself and enjoy yourself.

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