Letters to incoming class of 2023

Beginning high school can be exciting, nerve-wracking, or downright confusing. No matter where you stand on the scale, Orcutt Academy High School offers several resources to help freshman assimilate to the world of high school. In this edition, we take a close look at some of those resources, as well as the culture and opportunities Orcutt Academy High School provides for all its incoming students.

Why freshmen should take honors English
Have a question? The counselors may have an answer
OA’s student body and its indiviaulity
A friendly freshmen competition
Your high school experience is what you make it, and that all starts with freshman year
Orcutt Academy’s outstanding sports program
The joy of getting involved in clubs
You will leave Orcutt Academy knowing who you want to be
Solving individual learning barriers with Study Skills
After school boredom? We’ve got you covered
Advancement opportunities for Orcutt Academy students

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