The History of OA’s Admissions Process

Orcutt Academy High School has gone through numerous changes since it first opened in 2008, one of the most notable being adaptations to the enrollment process. Almost always, progress comes hand in hand with change, the question presented to us today is what kind of impact these enrollment changes had on Orcutt Academy as a whole, and whether or not they were made for the better.

In 2008, the enrollment process contrasted greatly against what incoming freshman have to go through today. The lottery-type selection still occurred, however each student was required to display a 2.0 GPA in four core classes (math, science, english, and history) before admittance would be considered. After the enrollment period, students would then go through an interviewing stage with either a school counselor or teacher as a part of the registry stage. Students all throughout California could apply to Orcutt Academy, Orcutt residents however, would receive first priority when it comes to admittance.

Compared to the above-mentioned enrollment process, what we have to go through today seems like a walk in the park. By 2022, Orcutt Academy will no longer have a GPA requirement as a part of its admittance process, allowing for students of all academic background to gain entry into our school. The interviewing portion of the registry process was dropped in 2011, and since then, students have had little to no personal interaction with the staff of OA before admittance.

While our enrollment process seems to have let up over the years, the academic vigor found in our students seems to have remained intact, as around 50% of our students carry a 3.5 GPA or higher. Along with this, Orcutt Academy is still a high school that offers its students A-G courses, preparing them for whatever academic path they choose to walk next. As the years go on, it’s no doubt that more change will occur on campus, but as long as students continue to pursue academic greatness, Orcutt Academy will keep allowing them to do so.

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