Great food: tacos

Great food: tacos

Food is something which is a part of everyone’s life. In some way, shape, or form; everyone eats food and has preferences and favorites when it comes to food. I’m no different, and with this in mind, I thought I would take the time to share foods I think deserve recognition or are just some of my favorites.

First, we’re going south of the border to talk about one of the foods which has swept the nation: tacos.

Tacos are universally known as one of the best forms of food. Tacos taste amazing, are cheap, and convenient. This makes them extremely  popular all over the world.

Everyone has a different idea of what a taco is and what it should look like. Generally, it is a tortilla which is folded in half and filled with any combination of meat, cheese, and vegetables. While it traditionally features chicken or fish in a soft corn shell, the taco has evolved over the years to see red meats, new cheeses and vegetables, and hard shells.

On the main places tacos were popularized in the US. was in fast food restaurants. Many, such as Taco Bell and Jack-in-the-Box, have capitalized on this popularity by pushing the envelope on how good and how cheap tacos can be. Almost every cheaper restaurant will have tacos somewhere on their menu, making for a quick and easy meal or snack for everyone.

In contrast, tacos are a food that can be elevated to a much higher level when put in a higher-end restaurant.  With more ingredients, money, and time on their hands; these restaurants can combine different flavors and try new things which often make for better, more exotic tacos.  

Personally, I enjoy all types of food. Despite this, I still find tacos to be one of my favorites. They never fail to taste incredible, and often make me stop worrying about many of my problems altogether. I think that more people need to get out and enjoy tacos, because in every person’s heart, there is a part of them that always wants a really good taco. All in all, tacos are convenient, tasty, and cheap; and you should go out right after reading this and grab one to enjoy.