Orcutt Academy’s Celebrating Differences Rally

Sonia Wasserman, Reporter

For the few years, Orcutt Academy High School has held an annual Celebrating Differences Rally. This year’s Celebrating Differences Rally took place last week, and while the objective of the rally is positive, the way it is ran sadly misses the point.


If the point of the rally is to show that differences should be celebrated, then more effort should go into showing why they should be celebrated, aside from the fact that it hurts people’s feelings when you don’t accept them for being different. This is a valid reason, but the rally seems like more of a talent show than a show of why we should celebrate each other for being different.


The rally consisted of a woman with a mental disability talking about how the R word affects her, two students who sung, a performance from the cheerleaders, and the host encouraging students to accept others for all their differences, but not really telling them why. It could have been more effective to have students talk about why their differences should be celebrated – because it makes their day, gives them a feeling of being loved and accepted, improves their self-confidence, and of course, it hurts their feelings when they are not accepted.



After explaining why these differences should be celebrated, it should have been explained how they could too; for example: the different religious clubs can celebrate their different religions together and celebrate their different higher powers and beliefs, people could share why their lives are better because they’re different or things they like about other people who are different.


Without celebrating the why and how of celebrating differences, the rally just didn’t seem to fulfill its purpose the way it could have. If this rally continues to happen annually, it could be improved with more planning, organization, and volunteers.


With all that being said, it is more than positive that it is being encouraged schoolwide that we should be ourselves and celebrate each other for doing the same, however, there is room for improvement in the way we encourage this.