Mason Oakes with The Voice contestant Pryor Baird.

The musical Mason Oakes

Mason Oakes, senior at Orcutt Academy High School (OAHS), has been a key component to the choir class throughout his four year experience.


When Oakes first joined choir his freshman year, the curriculum was much different compared to how it is now. During his first year, there had been a zero period advanced choir, which had been a show choir and concert choir combined, and had been led by OAHS art teacher Mrs. Kintzi.


Through Oakes’ next two years, the advanced choir had disbanded and become a show choir, and put on Grease the musical, which included the involvement of the drama class.


This year, not only has choir been pushed back once again to a zero period, but OAHS acquired a new choir director, Mr. Allen Smithson. Oakes speaks on the subject stating,“I love Mr. Smithson! He’s a super great guy, however as someone who has been in choir all four years…I can safely say the negatives of choir being a zero period greatly outweigh the positives.”


Because Oakes has been a part of choir through all years at Orcutt Academy, he has been presented with many opportunities, and learned several things along the way.“I’ve learned confidence, how to work with different kinds of people, the love for performance, and as a singer I’ve grown so much as a performer,” Oakes continues, “The performances I’ve been a part of because of what I’ve learned with choir, have helped me a ton with overcoming stage fright.”


Orcutt Academy High School senior Andrew Genge has worked alongside Oakes all four years of his high school career in the drama class, choir, barbershop quartet, and much more.


“[Mason Oakes] is a talented singer who has a lot of really great potential,” Genge continues, “He is very easy to work with and he takes direction really well. He’s talented so it isn’t a burden to work alongside him.”


Recently, Oakes was presented with an opportunity to perform at the Orcutt Children’s Arts Foundation (OCAF) Galla, alongside The Voice contestant, Pryor Baird. After graduation, Oakes plans on going to college, and studying music.

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