The cast acting out one of their scenes.

The art of acting

Here at Orcutt Academy, Journalism’s very own Mr. Shaw teaches something very near and dear to his heart: drama class. Not only do the students perform and put on productions, they do much, much more.


When you think of drama class, you probably think of any movie you’ve seen where the main characters are also involved in drama in some way. They audition and perform silly plays, like in Diary of a Wimpy Kid, but it’s not so much like that at all. Senior and fellow thespian Isaac Barr can attest to this, as he said that drama class consists of hard-working individuals who love theatre and want to do the best they can to put on productions they are proud of.


“We want to give everybody a good show. Our goal as a class is to put our best work out there that we are proud of, but also have fun in the process.”


Barr has been involved in drama for one year, and his personal goal is to get an idea of what the theatre world looks like to decide if he may want to pursue it in the future. He shares these goals with many other drama students. Looking at theatre as a future career is very important to them, so they dedicate their time and energy into practicing lines, body placement, projection, and staying in character until their performances are spot on.


Drama is a form of expression, a way to allow an individual to portray themselves through someone else, in a way. Actors are able to make themselves extremely vulnerable and call it entertainment, and no ones complaining. It’s amazing how talented these many drama students can be, showcasing their passion for our pleasure.


Break a leg out there kids! The Spartan Oracle wishes you the best prospects for the future!


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