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Amazing art at Orcutt Academy

Marcos Gonzalez

Amazing art at Orcutt Academy

Art is a class many OA students end up taking for their visual or performing art, but many who don’t end up taking Ms. Kintzi’s  enjoyable class don’t get an insight on the class itself.


Art, along with photo, is a very popular class for many students looking to take their visual or performing art. Here at Orcutt Academy, the school offers a total of three art classes, Art 1, Art 2, and AP Art, all of which hold a uniqueness to them.


In Art 1, many students are there to learn the elements and principles of art, and to practice the principles of art and design. Students do this by working with different mediums, instead of just your standard paint and canvas, although students do practice this skill as well. Mrs. Kintzi has students use fun and new interesting ways of practicing art, like having her students use food as a unconventional material in their semester one final.

Students who decide to continue into Art 2 have a year of practicing those principles of art that Mrs. Kintzi taught in Art 1. Art 2 is a class where students really get to use all the techniques, skills, and practice they had their previous year of art.


Some people might be wondering how AP Art actually works as an AP class. This year AP Art is comprised of 12 students who work all year on pieces of art. With this art students will upload 24 digital images and then Mrs. Kintzi will box up 5 of their best works to ship to state of California to be approved for college credit.


The arts program is one that many students love, and benefits the school. The class has done different works around the school, with many of our murals. The class also benefits the community: every year the class’s empty bowl project, where students make and paint bowls, produces about 100 bowls that are given out to places into community. Mrs. Kintzi enjoys teaching all of her art classes and seeing all of her students different ways of expressing themselves differently.


“I love seeing my students grow throughout their time in art. Sometimes we can see students struggle with the medium and expressing what’s in their head visually. When I’m able to see my students have that breakthrough, where they can show others visually what’s going on in their head, that’s what I love about these classes.”


Orcutt Academy loves Mrs. Kintzi and all she does for her art classes and all that her classes do for our school. Students learn lots of great art skills that they can carry out with them for the rest of their lives.


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