Beauty and art found in Oscar nominations


pictured above is the 90th Oscars nominated film for best motion picture, Call Me by Your Name

Tiffany Vuong, Reporter

With the Oscars Nominees being announced last month, it gives us all a chance to reflect on how far The Academy Awards have come thus far. Set on February 24th, the 91st Oscars celebrates major motion pictures that have been made in the previous year, 2018.


The most prestigious award being handed out is the Best Motion Picture award, which rewards a single movie which the academy deems the best among the nominees. Last year, in the 90th Oscars, The Shape of Water won the best picture. The movie entails a young, deaf woman who falls in love with a human-like sea creature, who is in the process of being scientifically researched.


Personally, I was rooting for Call Me By Your Name, another nominee for Best Motion Picture. The film is set in the early 1980’s in Italy, where a young teenager Elio falls in love with his father’s American foreign exchange student, Oliver. Call Me By Your Name is definitely in my top 3 favorite movies to ever be made. Not only is this because of my admiration for Timothee Chalamet, who portrays Elio, but of how I felt after I watched the film. I took away many lessons about the meaning of love, as well as falling in love with the characters. Most rom-com movies focus on the happy, fairytale version of love. However, Call Me by Your Name goes more into depth with the hardships, pain, and heartbreak that many individuals go through before meeting “the one.”


In the film, Elio was in a relationship with a young girl, Marzia, before he fell in love with Oliver. As time went on and Elio and Oliver grew a more intimate connection, Elio eventually lost feelings for Marzia, thus beginning his relationship with Oliver. Marzia, however, was in love with Elio when he left her for Oliver. The movie portrays her heartbreak in the most relatable way imaginable. The irony of the film comes in when Oliver eventually leaves Elio for another woman towards the end of the film. Because of this, Oliver obviously hurt Elio tremendously, the same way Elio has hurt Marzia. From this, I learnt that everyone wants who they don’t have; everyone is searching for love even when they have it right in front of their eyes. This is a quite somber message that Luca Guadagnino, director of Call Me by Your Name, is addressing, but I believe it is a necessary one that many can relate to.


The cinematography and soundtrack pulled everything together perfectly as well. The ending scene of the entire film was truly the “icing on the cake.” It truly tied everything together perfectly. As Elio stared into the fireplace, heartbroken over news of Oliver’s engagement, Sufjan Stefan’s song, Mystery of Love, played in the background as the credits roll. While I watched the film in the movie theatres, the audience was completely silent during this scene. It was almost as if we could feel Elio’s pain; almost as if we were there with him.


Many people wonder why blockbusters aren’t often nominated to Best Motion Picture, but I believe nominees must impact society in a heartfelt way. Personally, I view films as a form of art. It should make people feel an indescribable, deep-rooted feeling. People should be impacted by the film, the same way I am impacted by Call Me by Your Name. I think this is what truly makes a film extraordinary. Films like Call Me by Your Name truly deserve the title of the Best Motion Picture of the Academy Awards.