Orcutt Academy girls soccer and basketball score a spot in CIF


Hope Davidson

The girls soccer team in a huddle at halftime.

As winter sports come to a close, the Orcutt Academy girls basketball and soccer teams scored an extra game on their schedule as both teams qualified for CIF this season after impressive performance in league.

For girls soccer, this was their second appearance in CIF as they qualified last year as well. The team this year was the best in Orcutt Academy history, with an overall record of 20-4-4 and a 7-3 record in league. Unfortunately, they were eliminated from CIF after a 2-3 loss against Santa Maria High School last Tuesday, but that’s not to say they didn’t go down without a fight.

Orcutt Academy’s Marianna Chavez scored the first goal of the game, which was quickly followed by a goal by the Santa Maria Saints.  However, Taylor Martinez scored the team’s second goal to put them in the leading up to the half.

However, by the end of the two 40 minute halves, the score was tied at 2-2, resulting in overtime and subsequently a double overtime after no goals were scored.

During overtime, Orcutt Academy missed a penalty kick which may have cost them the game as the game proceeded on to two 5-minute halves of ‘sudden death’.

In the end, Santa Maria scored the fifth and final goal of the game, ending the final game of the Spartans’ season.

Captain Brooke Stewart credits defender Kira Hopkins for her frequent clearing of the ball out of the defensive half and referred to her as “a backbone for the defense”. Stewart also highlights Shari Ryan for her phenomenal defensive play during the CIF game.

The same night, in the Lakeview gym, the Orcutt Academy girls basketball team faced Chavez High School for their first ever CIF match in the school’s history. Following an 8-4 record in league, the Spartans played a stellar game, but unfortunately ended up losing with a final score of 56-39.

Sophomore Danaejah Malicdem had a strong performance throughout the game, scoring 12 points for the Spartans and shining as “leader on the court” as teammate Marlie Jimenez deemed her. Sophomore Erynn Padhal also played an important role in the game, scoring three 3-point shots as well as recording three blocks.

An unfortunate event occurred during the girls’ varsity basketball game however. During the third quarter, as the Spartans were coming back and only 9 points behind, senior Marlie Jimenez  felt her knee buckle after an awkward landing, and had to be taken out for the remainder of the game. Jimenez heard her knee buckle, and fears that she suffered a torn ACL.

Missing from the court were two key players; Mariah Lopez and Vanessa Salazar, whose presence could have changed the outcome, but nonetheless, the Orcutt Academy girls basketball team played a notable game.

Orcutt Academy girls basketball and soccer performed excellently in this year’s season and promises a bright future for girls sports. The Spartan Oracle congratulates all the athletes on an outstanding season!

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