Brian Speer spearheads the soccer team’s record-breaking season



Coach Brian Speer poses with a soccer player following one of the leauge games

Some would say the path to success is paved with defeat, hard work, and faith- among other things. After a record-breaking season featuring a game in the league playoffs, Orcutt Academy High Schools’ girls soccer team knows this especially well. Leading them to achieve a record number of wins this season is Coach Brian Speer, whose love for soccer goes beyond the field.

Speer has spent the last fifteen years coaching recreational, club, high school, and college soccer teams. On soccer, he said “loves the relationships involved with the players, parents, fellow coaches, and everyone involved, as well as the competition the sport brings.”

According to Speer, every year he continues to coach the OAHS team, the more he sees them improve. Working together towards a common purpose, the varsity team has racked up an impressive and record breaking win-lose ratio of 20-4 with 4 ties. This standing in league has toppled the previous record of 16-8-2.

Perhaps this team was more successful because of their unique chemistry in and outside of the sport. On the field, they acted as one unified force working towards a goal (literally), while on their own time they genuinely got along like a family.  

Junior player, Hayden Umphenour said “I think the reason our team bonded so well was because of our coach and all the opportunities he set up for us to grow closer.” This is because in addition to coaching, Speer goes out of his way to engage the players in team activities and discussions so that they can build strong connections that may carry onto the field.

Although there is no perfect team in soccer, Coach Speer always fights for it and has done an incredible job of motivating this year’s team. While of course he would say he owes it all to the amazing players and parents this year, we can all tell how truly picital he is in each team’s success. Thank you Coach Brian Speer, and here’s to another great year next year.