Boys volleyball spikes into the new season


Kaden Bennett scoring a point against Dunn high school.

Hayden Umphenour, Reporter

Orcutt Academy High School’s boys volleyball team has recently started its season. This year, Rory Hauter has agreed to take on coaching the Spartans.


Throughout the years, Orcutt Academy boys volleyball has struggled finding a coach. This season especially, Orcutt Academy High School athletic director Chad McKenzie had a difficult time finding someone to take over.


Mckenzie explains, “This season, I interviewed around twenty coaches for the boys volleyball coaching position. Some didn’t take the job because of money, or simply because they didn’t have enough time.”


Rory Hauter has been involved with Orcutt Academy a lot this year as a substitute teacher for Alissa Graunke, who is on maternity leave. Hauter began coaching this year, with help from Heather Bennett, Orcutt Academy’s girls varsity volleyball coach. Although Hauter hasn’t played volleyball previously, Bennett’s assistance makes the perfect duo for the team.


So far, the boys volleyball team has played two home games against Carpinteria and Cabrillo. Although the boys have lost their first two games this season, Clayton Merrill, junior at Orcutt Academy, remains positive sharing that the team is gradually improving and he believes this season will be a good one.