The struggle of maintaining relationships while your parents are divorced


Hayden Umphenour, Reporter

When travelling to see separated family, there are many factors that affect not only school and sports, but relationships as well. Although, phones and social media have made contacting my relatives much easier than before.


The biggest relationship affected are between my siblings and I. I have three younger brothers, and it’s difficult not being able to be there for their soccer games, baseball games, and awards. However, throughout the time I’ve been away from my family, new technologies have advanced in many different ways, and the older I become, the more access I have to these different technologies.


There are many ways I’m able to keep in touch with my brothers, and the rest of my distant family. I’ve come to realize that one of the greatest inventions thus far for keeping in contact with far away relatives is FaceTime. Each week, I try to pick a time that works for both myself, and my family, being considerate of the time difference.


Social media has helped also me keep tabs on my family and their life. Through Instagram, I’m able to see my brothers grow up through pictures and videos, and I’m able to see what their achieving in their everyday lives, such as sports, academics, and so on.


Of course, FaceTime and social media platforms don’t compare to being able to see my family throughout the year. However, through these different technologies, I am able to keep in touch with them as much as I can.