No one wears pink on Wednesdays


They all wear pink on Wednesdays! This doesn't happen in reality.

How dramatic was it, you may have thought, when Prince Phillip finally kissed Princess Aurora in Sleeping Beauty, or when Anna and Elsa finally reunited in the movie Frozen. It’s a given that the majority of movies have their a fundamental beginning, a climax, and it’s happy resolution. But when drama occurs in real life, it never ends with a happy ending, unless you yourself are in a movie. Some people with overly-dramatic tendencies choose not to believe in a world where happy endings do not exist.

Another word for people with dramatic personalities would be attention-seekers. I used to be friends with a hard-core attention-seeker for 5 years and it was quite the ride. Those with dramatic personalities devote their time to having a few things; an attractive physical appearance, an intimate relationship, and affection from the people around them.

I always wondered, why was it always the same group of people getting involved in drama? Attention-seekers complain about how much they hate the situation they’re in but in reality, they put themselves in the mess because of their own actions. Those types of people have the desire to have something going on in their lives, as if they were in a movie, and always try to get involved in other people’s business.

If there isn’t other people’s business to be involved in, attention-seekers try to start the drama on their own. Once they have everyone’s attention, they do as much as they can to keep everyone’s eyes on them, even if it means putting other people at risk or fault. This shows that selfishness is also a common trait of attention-seekers.

Attention-seekers are willing to take advantage of anyone to achieve some form of recognition.

Over time, I grew a strong disliking for attention-seekers. My friend, an attention-seeker herself, once openly admitted she wanted to be the next “Cady Heron”, simply because she was searching for the happy-ever-after found at the end of Mean Girls.

She started drama at school which involved almost everyone, including myself, and achieved nothing but a two-day suspension and the loss of trust from her friends and others in the end.

In my perspective, starting drama is a waste of time, and creates a stressful and toxic environment for yourself and those around you.

Some ways to avoid drama are to keep yourself around those who don’t spread rumors and start drama. Friends like those are essential in stopping yourself from starting drama on your own. Try to keep away from people who try to ask for advice on situations that involve someone else. If you’re searching for the life of a movie, high school is definitely not the place to start. So when you’re in high school, try to make good friends that share common interests, get involved in school activities, and get good grades.

And don’t expect your life to be anything like Cady Heron’s, and especially don’t try to be a Regina George.