The Orcutt Academy powerball

Ariana Cross, Reporter

Orcutt Academy High School hosted its annual new student lottery on February 6th, 2019. A total of 302 eighth graders are currently seated or waitlisted so let’s take a look at this new group of students.


Of the 302 students, 175 were accepted and seated into the 2019-2020 incoming Freshman class. The lottery is organized onto a computer program that draws names at random. The school extended the amount seated this year to 175, knowing that around 10 students will decline coming to the school, leaving the class with the ideal size of 165.


Some students have a higher chance of being accepted due to certain situations. Students with the highest chance of getting into the school are those that are a child of a school founder, next are students currently attending the OAK-8 (Orcutt Academy K-8, which serves TK through eighth grade) in Los Alamos, then children of staff members at the charter, then a sibling of a current charter student, then resident of the Orcutt area, and last come students that do not fall into the prior categories.


This means that of the new incoming class,  about 0.5% are children of founders, 8.5% OAK-8 students, 4.5% staff children, 28.2%  siblings, and 58% Orcutt residents. At this point no non-residents have been seated for next year.


Students accepted come from different schools in and out of the Orcutt Union School District, homeschool, independent study programs, and other charters. About  52.5% of the new class is coming from Orcutt Junior High School, 23.4% from Lakeview Junior High School, 8.5% from the OAK-8, 2.8% from Olga Reed, and 14.2% from a variety of smaller schools and programs.


For the 127 students who are waitlisted, don’t give up hope. Many students will decide to go with other high school programs, opening up space for you. The school notifies parents if they have been accepted off the waitlist in the upcoming months. For more information on the lottery system check out Rayah Squibb’s editorial which explains the entire process.