Poetry Out Loud at Orcutt Academy


Trent Carroll performing his poem for poetry out loud

Every year around this time, students in English classes participate in a competition known as Poetry Out Loud, where students memorize and perform a poem of their choosing to their peers.



Students begin Poetry Out Loud by choosing a poem from the competition website, then memorizing the poem and performing it in front of their English classes. From those performances, teachers pick exceptional students from their classes to perform in a school-wide competition against students from other classes. Winners from the school competition may even have the chance to advance even further towards county and state competitions.

Poetry Out Loud gives students the opportunity to better appreciate poetry, as well as give them more experience with public speaking and performing in front of people. Rachel Golden, a senior, says that over the last few years, the effort she has put towards Poetry Out Loud has increased as she has gained confidence in herself and her ability to perform in front of an audience.

“I’d always been someone who would perform with a group, never alone. Freshman year poetry out loud was me stumbling through a random poem that was easy to memorize; by senior year, I figured I might as well just go for it.”

This year’s Poetry Out Loud school competition took place on February 5th and 6th, with the first place winner of the school-wide competition being member of the senior class, Allanah Dizayee, and runners up, Jessalyn Pardo and Kayla Pablo. Congrats to those who won!