Love is in the air: even if you’re single


Pictured above, senior couple Lauren Tittes and Matt LaRocco are celebrating Valentine’s Day.

Tiffany Vuong, Reporter

It’s that time of year again where teddy bears, flowers, and red/pink balloons are flooding the grocery stores. Everyone’s got love on the brain this time of year; it’s officially Valentine’s Day season. Of course, everyone has mixed opinions about this non-traditional holiday. Some people say it’s too cheesy and cliche, while others use this holiday to their advantage and profess their affection to another person.


However, I don’t necessarily believe in showering your loved ones with gifts on Valentine’s Day. There’s nothing wrong with planning something extra special for the holiday, but Valentine’s Day shouldn’t be the only day you show affection to your significant other. If you’re with the right person, every day they should act like it’s Valentine’s Day. They shouldn’t act any different. Valentine’s Day is an obligation to show your affection when you should really show it every day.


Not only does Valentine’s Day act as an obligation, but it ruins surprises and gifts. If it’s Valentine’s day, your significant other is probably expecting an extravagant gift or an act of surprise, therefore it wouldn’t be much of a surprise anymore. Instead, you could get something so much more meaningful for your girlfriend/boyfriend on one of their bad days to help cheer them up.


If you’re looking to buy your significant other a traditional gift (teddy bear, flowers, chocolates), I highly encourage you to do otherwise! If it were up to me, I would take a more personal, meaningful gift over a traditional one. It’s definitely the thought that counts, but make sure your effort and affection shows through your gift. The more unique, the better.


Everyone has a different definition for Valentine’s Day. Some people think that this day should be reserved for their significant others only. Other people don’t celebrate it at all and gloat in their loneliness. People who aren’t currently in a relationship tend to shame those who do decide to celebrate this holiday.


Personally, I think Valentine’s Day is a day to celebrate love in general, whether that be with your boyfriend/girlfriend, friends, family, or even your pets. I don’t necessarily believe that Valentine’s Day should mainly be focused on your significant other; society just made it out to be that way. Celebrating your love between friends and family shouldn’t be less significant than spending it with your boyfriend or girlfriend.


Whatever your opinion on the holiday may be, Valentine’s Day only happens once per year, so celebrate it whichever way you want! Whether that includes watching cheesy rom-coms or an expensive dinner date, the Spartan Oracle hopes you spend Valentine’s Day with those you love (and yes, this may include yourself.)