Your big hair is controllable

Sonia Wasserman, Reporter

Unmistakably, there are countless hair products and styles you can style your hair with, but some are unconventional, in that they may be overpriced or even damaging to your hair.


Heat treatment popular in hair styling today, but with all that big hair, your going to be heating your hair to temperatures between three hundred and nine hundred degrees (fahrenheit). This is extremely damaging to your hair, and if your hair comes into contact with moisture, your back to square one with poofy, still uncontrollable hair.


This is why box braids may be a considerable option. Box braids are far less damaging to your hair, and they look gorgeous. Iconic stars, both male and females, have been seen with box braids – Beyonce, ASAP Rocky, Nicki Minaj, etc. If you are looking to stand out, box braids may be the way to go for you, seeing how few people really have them. The biggest downside to box braids are that if you decide to get your real hair braided, it can take a long time, as well as cost a very pretty penny.


A cheaper option can be cutting your hair shorter and getting extensions, instead of your real hair braided, or cornrows. Putting your hair in a braid for a long period of time gives your hair a break chemicals and other damaging products, which in turn, allows your roots to grow in strong.


Another option can be to let your curls out. There are products in every beauty store that are made to make your curls look beautiful and natural, without getting that bedhead look. If you have not yet come to love your hair, letting your curls out would be a great option for you.


Downsides could be having the mess of your hair blow in your face anytime the wind blows from behind you, but you can be sure that you will get compliments on your luscious curls as they are something that adds character and attitude to your look. There are creams and gels for highly out of control frizzy hair, but what is important is finding the right product for yourself.


Now if you’re already feeling tired from all the hard work listed in the options above, the right choice for you may be a wig. You can have any style you want, it won’t be affected by moisture, and it takes a fraction of the time to manage. A good wig can be costly, but considering that all the other options may cost you a bit, this might even be one of the most cost effective options.


You have to make sure the wig stays clean and doesn’t get a bad smell, make sure it still looks new, but probably the worst part of having a wig is how uncomfortable it may be. If you’re in a humid environment, your head is bound to get toasty, or if your wig is not of a high quality it can get itchy and uncomfortable.


Now if you still hate all of the options so far then you can always just put your hair in a ponytail. You can put it in a nice bun or just a basic ponytail, and save yourself some hassle. If you are interested in these options but don’t like how much work or money can go into it, you can always cut your hair to a more manageable length and start from there.