Why being a vegetarian is easy

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Why being a vegetarian is easy

When I was nine years old I sat in the back of my dad’s car and simply stated “I’m going to be vegetarian.” Eight years later I’m still living healthy and happy without meat. Cutting out meat from your diet can be easy if done correctly.


Decide why you are becoming vegetarian. Maybe it’s to have a healthy diet, save the animals, or you just don’t love eating meat. Each reason requires a different approach. If you just don’t enjoy eating meat then just start eating without it. At restaurants when ordering your normal meal, request for them to hold the meat.


If you want to eat healthier you should stick to the more natural vegetarian options. Think fruits, vegetables, and simple vegetarian proteins like tofu or tempeh. When eating out, pick the salad or bowl. Remember that just because a meal doesn’t have meat, doesn’t mean it’s healthy. Taco Bell has tons of vegetarian options, but they definitely aren’t healthy.

If you are giving up meat due to your love of animals, you don’t have to give up your favorite foods. There are plenty of meat substitutes. Nowadays, most burger places serve a veggie burger. You will be able to find some type of option at almost every restaurant.


However, when ethics are your motive, there is more to consider such as smaller ingredients that aren’t as obvious as meat such as gelatin, most common known from the sweet treat Jello. Most people don’t realize gelatin is made by boiling skin, cartilage, and bone from different animals. This means you have to check the ingredients of most gummy and chewy candies. There are still plenty of candies that don’t contain gelatin such as Swedish Fish and Sour Patch Kids so you can still satisfy that sweet tooth.


Remember that most people won’t assume that you don’t eat meat if you don’t tell them. When spending the night at a friend’s house, make sure to tell their parents you’re vegetarian so they can make sure there is an option for you to eat. You can also offer to bring your own food as to not inconvenience anyone.


Cutting meat out of your diet is easy if you have the willpower and drive. Commit to your cause and stay motivated. If all else fails think of those adorable little pig faces you’re saving.

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