A week in Paris

A week in Paris

At Orcutt Academy, the start of each new second semester is brought on by the annual Winter Formal Dance. This year, the Class of 2020 will be planning and hosting the grand event. Ariana Cross, the president of the Class of 2020, shares a bit of insight into what preparation has been done to make the dance planning and execution successful.

The theme for the dance is “Winter in Paris,” which was chosen because it can more easily be made “glamorous and classy” and fit well with a wintery atmosphere. There will be many Paris-themed decorations including a beautiful Paris skyline, along with many small lights that will give the room a pretty winter ambience.  

Along with Cross; Mr. Shaw, the advisor for the Class of 2020, many Class of 2020 officers, and additional volunteers have helped with the project as well. Whether it be making decorations, or setting or cleaning up, many helping hands have gone into making the dance the best it can possibly be.

So many juniors have put months of thought and hard work into making this years Winter Formal Dance a special one, and they hope to have well over 100 students attend. Last year 144 tickets were sold for the Winter Formal Dance hosted by the Class of 2019, and an additional 20 students didn’t purchase their ticket until they got to the door, making for a total of 164 attendees. Tickets were also the same price as they are this year, $20, but with an ASB sticker you’re able to buy one for $15.

In accordance with the Winter Formal Dance, the ASB class will be hosting an all school rally at the end of the school day on the Friday before the dance. The rally will recognize winter sports athletes as well as stir up excitement for the dance the following day.

In the ASB Leadership class, students are split into four groups and given different responsibilities, and the group in charge of planning the rallies is the Pride and Spirit crew. In order to put on a school rally, the crew must create games to play during the rally, write a script of what ASB students will say and when each event will take place, put together a slideshow, pick songs to play, and a multitude of minor but vital details.

As far as how the rally will look, decorations will coincide with the theme of the dance: Winter in Paris. The rally games will revolve a staple feature of Paris. Alexx Asencio, who is the designated poster designer in ASB, plans to draw Paris-themed pictures on the class posters which will hang above where each class will sit during the rally. Due to limited planning time, decorations will remain simple and possible decorations include snowflakes and a faux Eiffel tower.

Class of 2020 hopes to see a large turnout of students to the Winter Formal dance and ASB students hope to see the student body engaged and spirited during the rally. Hopefully, this year’s winter formal will be one to remember!