Aquaman: overrated or barely rated?


Aquaman is yet another addition to DC Comic’s line of movies, released this past December. Based on the DC superhero by the same name, the movie hopes to further establish Aquaman’s character in the DC Movie Extended Universe. Movie goers are often split on their reviews of DC movies, so we set out to find two differing opinions of the film from two Orcutt Academy High School students.

Ray Lara, a junior at Orcutt Academy, overall, has positive things to say about the movie. Firstly, Lara loved the main character and said that the jokes and plot flowed well together. This comes as a breath of fresh air for Lara, as many movies of the same genre have trouble with these three things. He also added that the fight scenes were all action-packed and extremely entertaining. Often times, action movies can get repetitive and boring, but Ray would argue that Aquaman wasn’t this way at all. Overall, what made the movie for Lara was that it stayed true to the comics. He grew up with DC comics and left the theater feeling satisfied and nostalgic.

Another junior from Orcutt Academy, Sean Thornton, however, also saw the movie and has much different feelings. Thornton complained that the movie did not reach the expectations that he had set for it due to it being too cheesy and boring. Thornton also grew up reading DC comics, but ended up being disappointed by this most recent film adaptation of one. . “There was very little human emotion and the actors did not seem to communicate to each other like humans; almost like zombies just acting along”.This anger, mostly directed at DC comics, could not be contained by Thornton.