Hectic holidays with the Heaths

With eight people in my house, the holidays are pretty hectic. However, we are still able to have traditions that we do every year. A few of the traditions are; my mom filling the DVR with cheesy Hallmark and Lifetime movies, my siblings waking up way too early on Christmas morning, and getting matching pajamas on Christmas Eve.

My favorite tradition is when my siblings and I get matching pajamas. Every year, on Christmas Eve (no matter where we are), my siblings and I get matching pajamas from “Mrs. Claus.” We will be watching a movie and my parents will go to their room, and we will hear a knock at the door. Then my siblings run to the door and go see if they can catch Mrs. Claus getting away (they never do).

Afterwards, we all put on our pajamas and take a picture in the same poses as we have every year.

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