Away in a manger

Since I was a little kid, every year my family would do several traditions for Christmas. One of my favorites would have to be when we would get our homemade manger out.

At some point before I was born, my grandpa made a manger for my mom to use during Christmas. Now, for as long as I can remember, we bring out the manger every year at Christmas time. Throughout the holidays, we do good works for others in our family without them seeing who did it, like cleaning up the kitchen for our mom. Then, when the person sees that someone did a good work for them they take a little bit of paper hay from a bag that we have and put it in the manger. The goal of the exercise is to get the manger full enough of hay for baby Jesus to have a comfy place to lie on Christmas day.

I love this tradition because it is something that reminds me of my childhood and a fun activity my family did together, it’s definitely something I will always remember about Christmas.


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