Sports during winter break… really?


Rachel Golden

Orcutt Academy's girl varsity soccer team at a tournament this past weekend.

Leticia Ruvalcaba, Reporter

During break this year, certain sports like soccer will have practice and some scrimmages which players are expected to attend. I myself am a soccer player and will have to go to these events during the break.

I think it is a good idea because practicing over the break makes sure that players stay in shape and are continuing to learn new skills. If players do not go to practice then they will become unfamiliar with certain skills and when they return from break it will take them longer to get back into the sport which will take up valuable time that could have been spent doing other important things. In my opinion players should attend because there is no harm in learning and improving on a sport.    

Most kids do not do much during the break either way, so by them having practices and games they have something to keep them busy and active. They also are able to see the friends they have made in that sport.

Overall, practices and games over the break benefit the player and allow them to improve in addition to keeping them busy.