Open your mind to an open campus

Orcutt Academy is a closed campus, and because of restrictions placed on students leaving campus, many hypothetical situations and questions are apparent. An open campus simply means students are allowed to leave campus at lunch time, so long as they are back for the following period. Here are my thoughts on OA’s lunch time dilemma.

Of course, there are some major benefits by providing an open campus for Spartans here at OA. At the same time, there are some risks and safety concerns that come along with an open campus as well.

A few positive aspects that would come from allowing an open campus during lunch would be a greater variety of food choices for students. Upperclassmen with cars or those who live close to campus can go to a fast-food joint or back to their house to get a nutritious lunch that they might enjoy better. By allowing an open campus, this would lessen the need for bringing your own food to school.

 Our school may have a variety of food choices, but nothing beats the limitless possibilities once you step off of campus.

Students are given more responsibilities by going out on their own and by making sure they are back to campus on time as well. This could be a positive aspect of an open campus. By having more responsibilities, students are forced to mature and utilize their lunch time efficiently. Students are also given a break from school by surrounding themselves with a different environment.

On the contrary, some students might find a way to ruin the possibility of this ever coming into effect due to their abuse of power and immaturity. Some students may not even show back on campus. To combat this though, OA could issue detentions for students who ditch school during lunch time.

While there may be legal restrictions when it comes to providing an open campus for OA students, school faculty and administration should at least consider the possibilities of this for upperclassmen, or create an alternative way for students to get a greater variety of lunch options while at school.

So Spartans, what are your thoughts on an open campus for OA? Leave comments down below and remember to keep an open mind to an open campus.