Stop singing, it isn’t Christmas yet

Christmas music has forever been a tradition during the holiday season. Hearing classic Christmas hits fills a room with holiday spirit and nostalgia. But recently, this fake, repetitive music has been getting on my nerves.

This year, these songs has just felt a little too jolly and I am starting to understand the Grinch’s side of the story. For example, the people who walk around singing and playing Christmas songs are completely obnoxious to me. This is even more annoying when it is done before the true Christmas season starts.

Most people love Christmas sing alongs or giving gifts during the seasons, but it’s important to me that this is all celebrated at Christmas. Each year, people celebrate the holidays earlier and earlier, and hearing that familiarly music only a few days after Thanksgiving each year fills me with dread.

To conclude the pre-Christmas rush, singing, and over-exaggerated jollyness is very irritating and should be kept out of the public space. Nobody wants to hear you mixtape; and certainly no one wants to hear your Christmas music.

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